Welcome to the Bullions Club
Exclusive Crowd Investment Friends Club for our Peoples Economic Empowerment

Bullions is a Friends and Family Only Crowd Investment Management Company (manco) where a crowd of investors (friends) pools our money together into a kitty to create many new businesses, products and services. We then place one of our club friends (or a few) into the company to own it, manage it or be an employee in it.
Thus creating entrepreneurs and employment amongst our friends and very importantly, keeping the wealth among our friends and families. The road to bullions...

It stands to reason, that many a people from accross the world group together to invest in each other, start businesses and buy exclusively from those businesses, from the Chinese to the Indians ... so why not us! ... why not you?

Now we can join hands, put as little as R150 per year into the pool, invite your friends/family and we use that money to start businesses that will be run by our friends and family ... it just makes complete economic viable sense!
How it works?

Friends Crowd Investment Partners (Friends and family only Club)

I invite my friend to join and vouch that he is my friend. My friend buys into the club for a small club fee and then my friend invites his/her friends and vouches for them and those friends buy into the club and so forth.

When capital is available we opt for one of our Businesses-In-A-Box. The next step is placing one of our friends in the business as the entrepreneur and so forth.
How do we create Entrepreneurs?

We have numerous new and unique businesses that we want to launch. Once there is enough money in the pool, we then decide on which business to invest in as a group. The floor is then opened up for Junior Friends to submit their capabilities (CV) to the Board for perusal and voting. It is about the right friend for the right job. Once the entrepreneur is chosen our friends have a chance to apply for positions. The entrepreneur is on probation for the first three years, so we can monitor and mentor. The success of the entrepreneur is on all of us ...
What are the advantages?

- Keeping the business and capital among our friends and family.
- When a crowd supports a business it provides a higher success rate.
- Potentially a quicker growth rate for businesses and therefore revenue.
- Massive marketing potential as the friends will market the business in order to grow their share value.
- We use our own money as investment.
- Tiny investment into a global business opportunity.
- For our own economic growth.
- and lots more advantages ...
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Address: JHB, Potchefstroom, George & Cape Town

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Stokvelvolk (Gerhardt): 063 204 6238
Bullions (Aubrey): 071 935 7387
Bullions (Dave): 071 117 0169
Stokvelvolk (Mandi): 073 954 8965


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